Wednesday, December 29, 2010

At Last....Christmas At Home!

Pretty sure I will never schedule our Christmas schedule like this again. It just didn't feel to much like Christmas tonight. lol But, we still had fun watching Malachi with his new present. We first let him open his little Tag Jr. He kept saying "more please." Now Malachi, let's not be greedy. So then we went and got his "big" gift. Rewind....... for months and months, anytime we would go in to Wal-Mart or Toys-R-Us he would go nuts over the police car. Scream when he saw it, scream when he had to get out. So, I decided, that's his Christmas gift. I've never seen him more excited over anything. Fast Forward.....I took him in to the other room while Nick brought it out. (Good Job Nick! He worked a long time on putting it together.) :) At first he ran right past it to his basketball goal. Then................HE SAW IT. He kept saying, "I like it, I like it." It took him a little bit to get the hang of pushing the gas pedal down but when he did, he did. Now we have track marks in our carpet. And the sound of a siren has been going off all night. Yes, I will be glad when spring arrives so he can ride it outside.....ALL the time. But for now, we will deal with the consequences in hopes of it not being too windy tomorrow to go outside.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas #2...........Florida!

Monday when we returned from Arkansas, we were in a mad dash to do laundry and pack again before leaving for Florida at 6a.m.!! Not my ideal flight time but that was the cheapest so we took it. It was nice being there with all the family, although I had hoped for warmer weather. There was one day that the weather was perfect so we took Malachi to the beach so he could play in the sand and water. The water.......FREEEEEZING!!!! We didn't let him play to long in it or his toes would have probably broken off. He had a blast though playing in the sand. I can't wait until this summer when we go on vacation and he can play all day long in the water and sand.
Everyone was able to come home for Christmas. All the kids were there and that's just what Daddy Cowan wanted, all of his kids home for Christmas. We had such a great time hanging out with everyone, just sitting around chillin' and doing absolutely nothing. As you remember, Callie (my sister-in-law) is pregnant. So it was fun sitting around with her talking about the baby and the nursery and all that comes with it. Wednesday night we had a Mary Kay make-up party. Chrissy, my other sister-in-law, sells Mary Kay so she brought all the goods for us to play with. We had a great time hanging out with Callie's family and getting our faces all done up purty. :)
Saturday was CHRISTMAS!!! We had a wonderful day. Around 3p.m. we opened presents. Malachi got plenty to play with and books to read. After our gifts we feasted on Turkey and ham and all the fixin's. Mother Cowan did a wonderful job always. That night we had the most fun. We played Guestures and Taboo. It was hilarious watching everyone act out. Right up until I kicked the counter and bruised the back of my heel. It hurt so so bad. I was trying to act out the word.....Winner. The word before that was hurt....go figure. But the best acting out by far was when Father Cowan acted out a ballerina and Mother Cowan acted out a belly dancer. You can see Mother's in the collage. I only wish I would have had the camera ready when Papa did his.
We had a wonderful visit. I miss seeing the family and being there but it's always good to be back in my own bed and my own house. We are looking forward to our visit with the Cowan's again. The next time we visit, we will have a new niece or nephew!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas #1.....

It's a fact that I LOVE Christmas lights. Every year we go and look at them somewhere. The last 2 years we have went to the Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie. It's a great drive through with a wonderful little stop in the middle. They have food, a walk through light forrest, a couple of rides (that are free) and a music light show. Malachi was amazed by all the lights. However, I'm pretty sure his favorite part was getting to sit up front with us instead of in his carseat. He would prop his foot up on the dash and then he would look out the window. His little face was so delighted to see such a sight and not to be held down in the back seat. Friday after work we headed to Arkansas to have Christmas with my family. We were only able to stay a couple of days but it was a WONDERFUL Christmas. I love being with my family. You can always expect a lot of laughs when we're together. This year I was blessed with a new sister-in-law and two nephews. They fit perfectly with our family.
Saturday night we went to my niece and nephews Christmas program at their church. All the kids did an awesome job. Malachi loved sitting there watching all the different characters come down the isle. My niece was an angel and my nephews were wise men and a shepherd. I remember when I was little and we would put on a Christmas program every year. Such a good way to bring back the kid in you.
After the program, we came back to my mom and dad's (nana and pops) so we could open PRESENTS!!!! My brother and his wife picked up pizza so first we had a pizza party. Of course, all the kids scarfed down their pizza as fast as they could because they knew when everyone got through eating it was time to tear open some paper. Malachi finally got the "hang" of what it meant for someone to hand him something wrapped in this pretty paper. One time my dad handed him a gift and he said, "That's mine." lol So cute. It was an awesome time watching everyone, laughing, talking, and just being together.
Sunday, we all came back to mom's after church to have our Christmas dinner. Then, it was time for the big skeet shoot!!!! We all got out there and shot the 12 guage. Let it be known.............I HIT THE SKEET!!!!!! Yes, that's right...I hit it!! Woo hoo!!! :) My oldest nephew who is always entering skeet shooting contests, hit the most of course. (he's really good). Anyway, next year, we have all decided to bring our own box of shells and a box of skeet. 25 shells go way to fast.
We got back home tonight around 8. I'm doing laundry and packing again. Our flight leaves at 6a.m for FLORIDA!!! We can't wait to get there. I was so glad we were able to go to Arkansas. The older you get, the more you realize how much family means. I am so so BLESSED
to have such a wonderful loving family. Christmas #1 down.....only 2 more to go!!!!
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mini Vacay!

As I mentioned earlier, we have been in Galveston on a business trip for Nick. It was a great little getaway. Neither of us had ever been to Galveston but really enjoyed the time we had there. It's definitely a place we could live. (note: we are not moving there) Nick of course was in meetings all day long, so it was just me and Malachi out on the town.

The weather was terrible. By terrible I mean cold. We HATE cold weather. I was hoping for a little warmth while we were there so Malachi and I could get out and play but no such luck. I did get to take him to the beach for a intsy wintsy bit to snap a few pics. It was so windy and he already had a runny nose. So, needless to say, we didn't stay long outdoors anywhere.

One of my favorite things this week was spending all day with Malachi. We played in our room, watched tv, drew pictures, went on lunch dates (by far my favorite thing to do with him) and just hung out. Just me and him. No set agenda. Nothing. Just mommy and Malachi hanging out. Tuesday afternoon, Nick had a pretty long break so we were all able to go to the aquarium together. I LOVE going to the aquariums. And it seems that Malachi does too. We had a good time and I was glad Nick could enjoy it with us. I hated the drive home because I knew I had to go back to work and leave him again. I'm thankful for this week and it only makes me look forward to Christmas Break!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hotels: I love them and I hate them......

It's not secret...I LOVE staying in hotels. Always have. I love when I get to stay long enough to take things out and put them in a drawer and hang things up. When I'm in a hotel no matter where it is, I feel like I'm on vacation. Even if it's just in Dallas, I still feel like it's vacation. I don't have to see anyone I know, talk to anyone, I can just be me. We are staying in Galveston right now at the Moody Gardens Resort (pictures and blog to follow). I love it. Just me and Malachi hanging all day long. Now here comes the hate part.
I hate thinking about how DIRTY it is. I am so paranoid. I don't know how nice the place would have to be before I could fully relax. I think the one place I have felt the most comfortable was on our honeymoon moon in Cozumel. But even still, I was afraid of this and that. When I get there, I lysol the place down. That's right.....I bring my LYSOL with me. I know that this doesn't kill and destroy every little living particle that's in the room, but it sure makes my mind feel a little more at ease. I lysol the beds, the pillows, the chairs, door handles, the toilet, bathtub, sink, I even sprayed the floor. When I'm getting in the bed, I inspect it from head to toe under the covers. Nick tells me, "just don't look. If you don't see it, you won't worry about it." He and I are very opposite when it comes to sleeping in a hotel. And the comforter....he will pull it up on him and use it as a blanket over the sheet. I will pull it up waist high, but I do not want that thing touching my face. I can't even begin to tell you how much it grosses me out to think about the shower curtain touching my body. Do you know how many bottoms have touched that? And well.........enough said. I'm sure when they clean the room they spray the thing down but still....GROSS! As a girl, having to use the toilet, I do it but my mind is always turning. I'm always hoping Nick will go in there first and then for some reason it makes it a little easier for me to go. I guess I'm thinking that he will have picked up the disease before me. lol Now that we have Malachi, it gives me a little anxiety being in a hotel. Not because he's wild and out of control, but because he wants to lay on the floor and play with his cars and trucks. If you've ever seen him play with them, he likes to lay on his side kind of, one arm up with half his face on it and the other arm pushing the car. I can't keep him up on the bed and confine him to such a small space. So........I just keep my eyes on the tv or whatever I'm doing and call him at random times so he will have to give up and his body can have a break from the particles in the floor. How about when he is jumping up on the bed and he puts his mouth on the comforter???? UUUGGHHH!!! Jesus take the wheel............
So that's it. I love staying in hotels but I hate the thought of all the dirt that my skin is touching. Do you ever feel this way or am I just really to the extreme???

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gonna party cause it's my birthday!!!

Malachi's birthday party was this past Saturday, Dec. 4th. We all had a great time. I'm always so glad when he gets to see all of his friends. All of the kids always have so much fun together.
What do you do for a party when the birthday boy doesn't eat cake? Well, I thought I would do cupcakes. Different form, not really like cake, at least that's the way Nick perceive's it because if I make a cake, Nick won't eat it. If I make cupcakes, they are gone in two days. Much to your surprise maybe, Malachi doesn't eat cupcakes either. So then what do you do? I also bought a cookie cake cake. He eats chocolate chip cookies all the time. Cookie cake? Not.So.Much. Therefore, the birthday boy didn't have any sweets for his birthday. What did he have? PIZZA!! This kid loves him some pizza. He usually out eats Nick and I both when it comes to pizza. I know, I know, I shouldn't complain that he doesn't eat a lot of sweets and I'm not. I just wanted him to have a birthday cupcake (that I slaved over). ;) I put a nice green one in front of him and well, he just looked at it and went on about his way. His friend Summer however, she LOVED her cupcake. I love this picture of her.
My camera stopped working but thankfully our friend Amanda brought hers and she took a multitude of pictures. Thank you Amanda!!! As soon as she gets them to me, I will put some more on here from his party. Malachi's buddy Tyler left before the group picture. Here is one attempt of it.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Malachi!!!

Today is Malachi's birthday!!!! Two years ago, God blessed us with the most perfect gift. Malachi Joseph Cowan!!! Everyday we are amazed at the things he is learning and the way he is changing. He is talking more and you can understand him. ;) He's making short sentences and knows what he wants. He loves to sing his ABC's, Tinkle Tinkle ittle star, and Happy Birthday to you......I love to hear him sing. He likes reading 5 Little Monkeys....He knows exactly what's coming and it's fun to hear him say it. He LOVES watching Toy Story 2. We recently bought Toy Story 3 so hopefully he will soon love that one just as much. One of his favorite shows is The Fresh Beat Band. He can say and sing his ABC's, count to 10 forward and backward, knows most of his colors, and is learning his shapes. We are so proud of him and are just lovin' watching him grow.
Tonight we let him open his gifts from me and daddy and Papa and Gigi. Then we took him to Chick-fil-A for family night cause he wanted "chicken fries." When he got through eating we let him play in the playland for awhile. He thought he was so big climbing up and down with the "big" kids.
Mommy and daddy love you so much Malachi. We are thankful for your happy spirit and your healthy little body. We know God has his hand on you and we pray for you everyday. From the time you were born (and before) we have prayed over you and we still pray this prayer for you:
The Lord Bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crazy Thankful!

I have sooo much to be thankful for. I could make a list that would go on and on for days. A few of the things that I am most thankful for: 1. My family of course, immediate and extended. Without my family what would I do. My husband and son mean the most to me. I love them so much!
2. A job. I realize that even in the midst of me hating my job as much as I do, I still have a job. And that, I am thankful for.
3. Friends....I truly have some of the best friends anyone could ask for both far and near.
Like I said, I could start naming things like: sweet tea, kisses from Malachi, etc....but that list would go on and on. We have had a wonderful Thanksgiving break thus far. Nick's mom and dad flew in on Thanksgiving Day. We were so blessed to have them. So my big surprise??? I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for us all! My first turkey was a success. Turkey, green bean casserole, corn, rolls, yams, and mashed potatoes. And I topped it off with a pound cake made from scratch. I'm not a big pound cake eater, but they keep eating it so I guess it's alright. lol Thursday night, Nick and I got to Walmart at 10:30. We had never been Black Friday shopping before and therefore, could not believe people were already in line! Good grief. I have never seen anything like this in my life. However, it was sooo funny to me, I plan on doing it for years to come. I even almost missed one of my deals because I was so focused on watching the crazy people. We got what we wanted and were checked out by 12:15. Thank goodness cause that was INSANITY at its finest. I started at 9a.m. Saturday morning. Trying to find some more good deals and I did. I picked up the fam around 11 and we shopped until we dropped. We all had fun!
We didn't get the present for Malachi we had wanted, on sale that is, so we just had to pay full price and be done with it. I can't wait though. He is going to love it. He already loves it. Everytime we go in the store he goes crazy over it.
I am extremely blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. This Thanksgiving was our first Thanksgiving in our house and hopefully many more to come.
Time for the fam to watch Toy Story 3.
Waiting on Papa and Grammie aka GiGi at the airport.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One....Day til Thanksgiving, Two....Days til Black Friday!

We are only ONE DAY away from Thanksgiving. Nick's parents are coming in to town. We are so excited that they are going to be able to spend Thanksgivng with us. I wish all of our family could be here but we know that's just not possible. We have a little surprise for Papa and Gigi when they come. I can't tell you yet just in case she reads this tonight. ;) Don't worry, I'm not pregnant. I have so been enjoying spending time at home with just Nick and Malachi. I love having the whole day to just sit and play, sleep in, eat when we want, etc. We also started painting our living room again. Hopefully it won't be too much longer until we finish. I HATE painting. It's so not as fun as I thought it would be. I'm a little more calmer than I was in March when we first started. That's right, we haven't painted since March because we almost killed each other! It's coming along, slowly but surely.

And....We are TWO DAYS away from Black Friday. I have never done the whole black Friday shopping extravaganza but this year I have decided to tackle it. Things just happen when you have a baby and you suddenly realize you will do anything to get them that special "thing." Even if it means, screaming and scratching through the crowds. I'm not sure how I will do or even if we will get what we are looking for but at least we will have tried, right? I mean honestly, I flipped out in Walmart the other day because this lady was taking her time pushing her cart and I couldn't get around her because there was either someone or some display on either side of her. out people!!!! Plans are this: 12:00a.m. Walmart, 4a.m. Target. I'll let you know if the plan goes accordingly. Check back for a Thanksgiving Day post and Black Friday update. Until then...Happy Thanksgiving. Be thankful for the good times and in the bad.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Call Me Aunt Jess!!!!

About a month and a half ago, Nick's brother, Nathan and his wife Callie, called us one Sunday morning to tell us that they were having a baby! We were both sooooo excited and happy for them. Well, we have had to keep quiet so they could get throught the first trimester and now that the first trimester is over........I can finally scream it from the roof tops!!! I'm an aunt again!Here's the the new mommy and daddy. Congratualtions Nathan and Callie!! We are soooo excited to have a niece or nephew on the way. What a wonderful thanksgiving gift. We have so much to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Since having a baby (who is now a toddler)......

1. Sleeping in is a thing of the past.
2. Nice clothes don't stay nice for long....a stain on my shirt is so minor now. (I'm just happy to be dressed in something other than my pajamas)
3. Even if my toddler does sleep through the night doesn't mean that I do. I still get up and check to make sure he's still breathing.
4. Nick Jr.....well, it's just a part of our lives now.
5. I may not know the name or words to the most popular song these days, but ask me to sing a Nick Jr. song and I can nail it!
6. I often find myself humming children's songs all through out the day.
7. Catching throw up in my big deal cause I don't want to have to clean the carpet.
8. I don't mind watching the same cartoon (TS) over and over.....If you saw the excitement on his face you would understand why. :)
9. I notice EVERYTHING that remotely has to do with Toy Story these days.
10. Butt dialing? Nope. BABY dialing. Sorry about!

The list could go on and on. And no matter how long this list becomes, I wouldn't trade my life for anything!! Being a mom is the BEST reward I've ever been given.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Malachi's 1st tree!!

This is Malachi's 3rd Christmas but this year he is bigger and more aware of what's going on. Since I can remember, there was one thing at Christmas time that me and my brother always looked forward too (he lost interest way before I did).............putting up the Christmas tree with my mom!!! I can remember the anticipation of her going and getting the tree and all of the ornaments out of the shed. I was always so excited to see her walk through the door with the big box that contained everything. There were a couple of years that we had a real tree (which I love) but for the most part, we had the same ole tree for as long as I can remember. And the ornaments, I can remember scurrying through the box to find my favorite ones. Again, we had these ornaments forever. It's been a long time since I was able to put up a tree with my mom but now I can do it with my kids and she can do it with my niece and nephews now.
So last night I put up our tree!!! I've never done this before Thanksgiving because I do love Thanksgiving and spending all day eating, sleeping, and watching football on that day. But, we are gone so much during Decemeber it seems that we never really get to enjoy our tree. So I decided to go ahead and put it up. And I had my little helper to hang some ornaments. I still have a lot more ornaments to put on it but here's a sneak peak.
Malachi also got to decorate his own tree. Every year since he was born he has picked out a new ornament. Well, I guess we picked it out the first year. :) Last year he picked out a basketball goal with sneakers on it. This year, can you guess what he picked out? That's right......Toy Story. It's such a cute little tree. Perfect size for him. So here's to the beginning of a wonderful Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday!!
The day he got his ornament. He was so excited. lol

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last night was Nick's first game of the season. Lady Lions vs. Peak Prep. It's always a little interesting watching them. In my head I'm thinking, stop walking!, shoot the ball!, look down the floor! Then I come back to reality and remember , oh yeah, they are only 8th graders. He actually has a pretty good 8th grade team this year. They won last night 46-4. That's right, they killed them!! Good job Lady Lions and good job Coach Cowan!
As much as basketball season pains me because the mornings come so early, (Nick now gets up at 4:45 to be at practice at 6, yuck!) I still love it. Half of me loves it because that's the sport I played growing up. I loved basketball and I loved my teammates. The other half of me loves it because Nick loves it so much. He LOVES coaching basketball. I love watching him because I can see how much he is truly enjoying himself. Who knows, maybe one day he will move up and coach high school. I fully believe he can if he ever wanted too. But for now, he's happy with the 8th grade girls. This is his 3rd year coaching and when he first began he would always come home saying...."Why do girls cry so much?" "Why do girls laugh at every thing?" I just laughed and said, "You better get use too it cause that's just what we do." LOL Here are a few pictures from last nights game.
Coach Cowan in action...with his trusty side-kick Malachi getting ready for the game.
Malachi cheering daddy on.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life in the Fast Lane...

It seems like we are always living LIFE IN THE FAST LANE! This weekend was definitely one of those times. Friday night we went to our friends little boy's birthday party. Tyler is a few weeks older than Malachi so they always have fun when the are together. His party was at a place called Jump for Fun and boy let me tell you......they jumped for fun! lol This place had 10 different bounce houses and Malachi loved everyone of them. I'm telling you....the boy is fearless. As proud of him as I am, it does scare me a little cause I think, what will he try next?! ha! Here is a picture of one of the slides he went down. If it seems a little steep, it is! That's how tall the slide was and Malachi LOVED it.
Not only was it at a fun place but it was also a pajama party. All the kiddos and adults wore their pajamas. We had such a blast celebrating such a fun, loving little boy. Here are a few more pictures from that night. Here's the birthday boy! (eating him a fine black icing cupcake) :)
Friday was great, now on to Saturday. Saturday morning I had a baby shower to attend. I love baby showers. It's so fun to see all the little clothes and watching the mom opening the gifts is awesome. You can see with every gift she unwraps, joy is all over her face, pondering, that soon, she will have someone to put in those little clothes. It was a great shower and we are so excited to meet baby Caleb! When I got home I took Malachi to the new PetSmart that just opened near our house. He loves dogs and fish so I thought it was a perfect way to get him out of the house and in to a nap before we headed to the football game. It was SAGU's homecoming so a few of us met up there to watch the game and reconnect. After the game, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with two of best friends, Rev and Sabi. Always sure to have a good laugh with them two around. And imagine that, the day still isn't over. Life School Oak Cliff (where Nick coaches basketball), there volleyball girls were playing the 2nd game in the playoffs. They have never been to the playoffs so we wanted to make sure we showed our support. Unfortunately, they lost but we are all so proud of them anyway.

I think that about wraps up our weekend. Well, we did go to church today. Nick helped me in the nursery because we were short handed. That was fun. He did so good with the babies. But, I knew he would cause he's such a good dad. With all the busyness of this weekend, I didn't even really mind. Why? Because I was with the two people that I can't get enough of. I love spending everyday, all day with them. They can always put a smile on my face and we have fun where ever we are!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkins, Fall Fests, and A Night with Friends

We have had a wonderful busy weekend. As I did last year, I waited until the last minute to buy Malachi a halloween costume. First I bought him a ninja costume, it was too small. Then I bought a firefighter outfit. EEEEEhhhh, not really feeling it. So, I ended up with a football uniform and it was cheaper anyways. :) Our little sports star. Here's a preview of what he looked like. (morepictures when I can get them uploaded).

Friday, Malachi's sitter put on a little carnival for them. They had some games and wore their costumes. She said they were a little distracted by everything but all in all they had a good time.

Saturday morning, we took Malachi to Country Critter Farms. We all had a blast. It was a great little place to take a toddler. They had a pumpkin patch, hay ride, train ride, petting zoo, a storyteller, and of course his favorite......bounce houses! He wasn't too sure about the animals at first but when daddy started petting them, he warmed right up to them and loved him. He would just laugh and jump. It was so fun to watch him. We stayed there for about 2 1/2 hours and then came home to rest up for the fall festival that night.

Saturday night, I took Malachi to the Fall Festival at Trinity Church with my BF Jennifer. It was fun to spend time with just the two of them. Malachi played all sorts of games and of course got his favorite thing........SUCKERS! We went on another hay ride. There's just something about this time of year and hayrides that I love!

Sunday morning all the kids wore their costumes to church. I'm sure Malachi was probably wondering why he has been wearing the same outfit for the last three days. Sunday evening, we went to Karla and Dallas's parents house and had dinner with them. Karla and I took Malachi, along with her nieces, to a few houses around the block. He could have cared less! He was so not in to it so we just came back home. We ended up just hanging out at their house for the rest of the night. All in all it was a wonderful weekend. I will be getting more pictures on here just hold steady for a little bit. (I gott figure out how to get them off the camera).

Hope you all had a wonderful festive holiday and weekend. Did you do anything fun as a family for this weekend or have any traditions that you always do?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Close Call!

Yesterday when I was driving home from work, I was seriously almost hit by a big cement truck. Holy Cow! He was in the lane beside me and decided it was time for him to make his turn which meant he had to turn into my lane! I slammed on my breaks and my car skidded just a little and I came to stop. I looked out my window and there was his big tire starring right at me. It certainly did scare me. No harm done, thank the Lord for watching over me.

Close call #2..........Ok, maybe this isn't as dramatic as it may sound but you have to know how much I HATE spiders!I had just gotten out of the shower, I opened and the door and Bam!, there on the floor stood this:

This is not the actual spider but it was this big! I slowly slipped out of the bathroom to get the raid, trying not to scream b/c I didn't want to wake Malachi up. I got the raid, sprayed it, and it took off.........into my purse!!!! What?!?!? I held the smallest piece of corner of my purse and started shaking it. It finally fell out and fell to it's death! Not the way I wanted to start my morning.
Thankfully, Malachi woke up in a good mood and started singing happy birthday to me which made it all better.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Here Goes Nothin'!

You may all remember I use to be really good at doing shutterfly. :) I loved doing it acutally but in the midst of having an active toddler, new job, and just having a life, I stopped uploading to shutterfly. :( So I decided it was time to get back in the game. My sweet friend Mackensie has a blog and I love reading it. My sister-in-law also has been doing one for awhile and it keeps me in touch with what's going on with her. So I decided that I would start our own little family blog. Nick said he will even contribute here and there (not holding my breath). I do hope to start uploading pictures to shutterfly again. I know that was the best way for our friends and family that don't live near us to see all that's going on in our lives. But for now, Life with the Cowans will have to do!!

Today was such an awesome day. We were able to eat lunch with some of our cousins that we don't see often enough. They were passing through while on their way to North Carolina. It was a wonderful lunch to sit and talk with the newlyweds. I love getting to spend time with family.

This week basketball starts so needless to say we are going to be even more busy than we already are! Nick loves coaching the girls and we love going to watch. Malachi is growing so much. I can't believe how much he is learning, the things he is saying, and all that he picks up on. We are definitely having the time of our lives with our sweet boy.

Motherhood calls so stay tuned to see the ups and downs of OUR BIG CRAZY LIFE!