Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life in the Fast Lane...

It seems like we are always living LIFE IN THE FAST LANE! This weekend was definitely one of those times. Friday night we went to our friends little boy's birthday party. Tyler is a few weeks older than Malachi so they always have fun when the are together. His party was at a place called Jump for Fun and boy let me tell you......they jumped for fun! lol This place had 10 different bounce houses and Malachi loved everyone of them. I'm telling you....the boy is fearless. As proud of him as I am, it does scare me a little cause I think, what will he try next?! ha! Here is a picture of one of the slides he went down. If it seems a little steep, it is! That's how tall the slide was and Malachi LOVED it.
Not only was it at a fun place but it was also a pajama party. All the kiddos and adults wore their pajamas. We had such a blast celebrating such a fun, loving little boy. Here are a few more pictures from that night. Here's the birthday boy! (eating him a fine black icing cupcake) :)
Friday was great, now on to Saturday. Saturday morning I had a baby shower to attend. I love baby showers. It's so fun to see all the little clothes and watching the mom opening the gifts is awesome. You can see with every gift she unwraps, joy is all over her face, pondering, that soon, she will have someone to put in those little clothes. It was a great shower and we are so excited to meet baby Caleb! When I got home I took Malachi to the new PetSmart that just opened near our house. He loves dogs and fish so I thought it was a perfect way to get him out of the house and in to a nap before we headed to the football game. It was SAGU's homecoming so a few of us met up there to watch the game and reconnect. After the game, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with two of best friends, Rev and Sabi. Always sure to have a good laugh with them two around. And imagine that, the day still isn't over. Life School Oak Cliff (where Nick coaches basketball), there volleyball girls were playing the 2nd game in the playoffs. They have never been to the playoffs so we wanted to make sure we showed our support. Unfortunately, they lost but we are all so proud of them anyway.

I think that about wraps up our weekend. Well, we did go to church today. Nick helped me in the nursery because we were short handed. That was fun. He did so good with the babies. But, I knew he would cause he's such a good dad. With all the busyness of this weekend, I didn't even really mind. Why? Because I was with the two people that I can't get enough of. I love spending everyday, all day with them. They can always put a smile on my face and we have fun where ever we are!

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