Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last night was Nick's first game of the season. Lady Lions vs. Peak Prep. It's always a little interesting watching them. In my head I'm thinking, stop walking!, shoot the ball!, look down the floor! Then I come back to reality and remember , oh yeah, they are only 8th graders. He actually has a pretty good 8th grade team this year. They won last night 46-4. That's right, they killed them!! Good job Lady Lions and good job Coach Cowan!
As much as basketball season pains me because the mornings come so early, (Nick now gets up at 4:45 to be at practice at 6, yuck!) I still love it. Half of me loves it because that's the sport I played growing up. I loved basketball and I loved my teammates. The other half of me loves it because Nick loves it so much. He LOVES coaching basketball. I love watching him because I can see how much he is truly enjoying himself. Who knows, maybe one day he will move up and coach high school. I fully believe he can if he ever wanted too. But for now, he's happy with the 8th grade girls. This is his 3rd year coaching and when he first began he would always come home saying...."Why do girls cry so much?" "Why do girls laugh at every thing?" I just laughed and said, "You better get use too it cause that's just what we do." LOL Here are a few pictures from last nights game.
Coach Cowan in action...with his trusty side-kick Malachi getting ready for the game.
Malachi cheering daddy on.


  1. good thing i wasn't there. I would have been yelling, "cut her!!!", from the bleachers.

  2. this just makes me want to cry. haha! it makes me happy to see you two enjoying life together...along with the little trusty side-kick.
    thanks for the blog. keep 'em coming.