Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas #1.....

It's a fact that I LOVE Christmas lights. Every year we go and look at them somewhere. The last 2 years we have went to the Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie. It's a great drive through with a wonderful little stop in the middle. They have food, a walk through light forrest, a couple of rides (that are free) and a music light show. Malachi was amazed by all the lights. However, I'm pretty sure his favorite part was getting to sit up front with us instead of in his carseat. He would prop his foot up on the dash and then he would look out the window. His little face was so delighted to see such a sight and not to be held down in the back seat. Friday after work we headed to Arkansas to have Christmas with my family. We were only able to stay a couple of days but it was a WONDERFUL Christmas. I love being with my family. You can always expect a lot of laughs when we're together. This year I was blessed with a new sister-in-law and two nephews. They fit perfectly with our family.
Saturday night we went to my niece and nephews Christmas program at their church. All the kids did an awesome job. Malachi loved sitting there watching all the different characters come down the isle. My niece was an angel and my nephews were wise men and a shepherd. I remember when I was little and we would put on a Christmas program every year. Such a good way to bring back the kid in you.
After the program, we came back to my mom and dad's (nana and pops) so we could open PRESENTS!!!! My brother and his wife picked up pizza so first we had a pizza party. Of course, all the kids scarfed down their pizza as fast as they could because they knew when everyone got through eating it was time to tear open some paper. Malachi finally got the "hang" of what it meant for someone to hand him something wrapped in this pretty paper. One time my dad handed him a gift and he said, "That's mine." lol So cute. It was an awesome time watching everyone, laughing, talking, and just being together.
Sunday, we all came back to mom's after church to have our Christmas dinner. Then, it was time for the big skeet shoot!!!! We all got out there and shot the 12 guage. Let it be known.............I HIT THE SKEET!!!!!! Yes, that's right...I hit it!! Woo hoo!!! :) My oldest nephew who is always entering skeet shooting contests, hit the most of course. (he's really good). Anyway, next year, we have all decided to bring our own box of shells and a box of skeet. 25 shells go way to fast.
We got back home tonight around 8. I'm doing laundry and packing again. Our flight leaves at 6a.m for FLORIDA!!! We can't wait to get there. I was so glad we were able to go to Arkansas. The older you get, the more you realize how much family means. I am so so BLESSED
to have such a wonderful loving family. Christmas #1 down.....only 2 more to go!!!!
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