Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hotels: I love them and I hate them......

It's not secret...I LOVE staying in hotels. Always have. I love when I get to stay long enough to take things out and put them in a drawer and hang things up. When I'm in a hotel no matter where it is, I feel like I'm on vacation. Even if it's just in Dallas, I still feel like it's vacation. I don't have to see anyone I know, talk to anyone, I can just be me. We are staying in Galveston right now at the Moody Gardens Resort (pictures and blog to follow). I love it. Just me and Malachi hanging all day long. Now here comes the hate part.
I hate thinking about how DIRTY it is. I am so paranoid. I don't know how nice the place would have to be before I could fully relax. I think the one place I have felt the most comfortable was on our honeymoon moon in Cozumel. But even still, I was afraid of this and that. When I get there, I lysol the place down. That's right.....I bring my LYSOL with me. I know that this doesn't kill and destroy every little living particle that's in the room, but it sure makes my mind feel a little more at ease. I lysol the beds, the pillows, the chairs, door handles, the toilet, bathtub, sink, I even sprayed the floor. When I'm getting in the bed, I inspect it from head to toe under the covers. Nick tells me, "just don't look. If you don't see it, you won't worry about it." He and I are very opposite when it comes to sleeping in a hotel. And the comforter....he will pull it up on him and use it as a blanket over the sheet. I will pull it up waist high, but I do not want that thing touching my face. I can't even begin to tell you how much it grosses me out to think about the shower curtain touching my body. Do you know how many bottoms have touched that? And well.........enough said. I'm sure when they clean the room they spray the thing down but still....GROSS! As a girl, having to use the toilet, I do it but my mind is always turning. I'm always hoping Nick will go in there first and then for some reason it makes it a little easier for me to go. I guess I'm thinking that he will have picked up the disease before me. lol Now that we have Malachi, it gives me a little anxiety being in a hotel. Not because he's wild and out of control, but because he wants to lay on the floor and play with his cars and trucks. If you've ever seen him play with them, he likes to lay on his side kind of, one arm up with half his face on it and the other arm pushing the car. I can't keep him up on the bed and confine him to such a small space. So........I just keep my eyes on the tv or whatever I'm doing and call him at random times so he will have to give up and his body can have a break from the particles in the floor. How about when he is jumping up on the bed and he puts his mouth on the comforter???? UUUGGHHH!!! Jesus take the wheel............
So that's it. I love staying in hotels but I hate the thought of all the dirt that my skin is touching. Do you ever feel this way or am I just really to the extreme???

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  1. That is so funny! Love the last part...Jesus take the wheel! :) I try not to think about it, but now the next time I go to a hotel, I'll be thinking about this post, lol!