Monday, January 9, 2012

Pink Eye....

Malachi has Pink Eye, in both eyes. Ugh. Do you know how hard it is to explain to a 3 year old that they can't touch their eyes? Or how hard it is to explain to him why he can't kiss on his brother? you know how hard it is to put eye drops in a three year old's eyes????? It kinda sounded like a cat giving birth to an elephant. Praying these drops work quickly.

In his prayer tonight, he said, "Dear God, please help Malachi's eye. Help him to not cry and scream." Such a sweet and sad prayer all at the same time. It was horrible putting those drops in his eyes. But you know what....I know a God who heard a little boy's prayer and a God who heals. Even from the tiniest mouths he hears those who call on his name.

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  1. I remember that with Leanne. Trying to put eye drops in her eyes was like fighting with a wildcat. I just knew I was going to leave bruises on her just from trying to hold her down to put the drops in. It was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. Thankfully she healed pretty quick. Kyleigh is just like her mommy, proof that you pay for your! Good luck & hope little Malachi gets better really fast! Luv ya!