Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sometimes I feel like we are running everywhere we go. Basketball is in the heart of the season and that's where we spend most of our time. Nick coaches basketball 3 nights a week and the other two nights he doesn't get home until 7p.m. or after. I always try to stay positive and be supportive because he loves nothing more than being on the sideline coaching. But sometimes it's just hard. I love going to watch the games but another reason I go is so we can spend time with him. I know, he's on the sideline so we aren't actually spending time WITH him, but just being in the presence of where he is makes it at least feel like we are together. I can't say I won't be glad when basketball season is over because I will. I think it's just this is the first season of either being home all night with two kids or toting two kids to every game. It has been an adjustment and I am managing. At least it's an indoor sport, right? He loves coaching and I love nothing more than watching him do something he loves.

This past week I started watching a little girl. Crosby is 7 months old and absolutely precious. She's a great napper and has become a champion eater from the bottle. She's such a sweet baby and I'm glad Lawson has someone to "play" with. Even though he still has no desire to roll over after her.

Malachi finally was able to move up to the three year old class. There were no spots available on his birthday but one opened up. He loves going to daycare. And his 3 year old class is doing some pretty advanced work if you ask me. I mean, I'm thinking he should just be coloring and playing but the homework he brings home is quite the opposite. So all of this leads me to.... I feel extremely bad that I am home now and he is still going to school. I want him home with me. However, I don't think he would enjoy being home with two babies, soon to be three, all day long. (I'll be keeping another little girl starting Jan. 30th). He also REALLY LIKES going to daycare. He loves being around other kids and interacting with them. I also think that this is REALLY important for him also. I want him to be socially interactive with other kids. I think it will be very important for when he starts school. We really feel like at this age he should be around kids his own age. But, I'm still on the fence and trying to decide whether or not I want to pull him out. What do you think?

This upcoming year has a lot of exciting things ahead and I can't wait to share them with you as they happen.

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