Sunday, January 1, 2012

The End to a New Beginning

All day I have been thinking of what to write for a New Year's post. Do I list my top ten favorites of 2011? Do I list the ups and downs of 2011? Do I list my goals for 2012? I'm not sure I could just list 10 favorites of 2011. I definitely don't wanna list the ups and downs of 2011, cause there were plenty. I'm not a big resolution maker either. I know as soon as I make one, it will go down the drain. There's a slight possibility that I may feel down or bad for not meeting the resolution I made but more than likely I won't. So here's a reflection of 2011 and what's to come.

At this time last year, we were patiently waiting our first doctor's appointment to find out if we were for sure pregnant. The waiting game of finding out whether or not there's a tiny human inside of you is like watching water boil. Slowest.Time.Ever. It was a little nerve wrecking arriving at that first appointment, considering the last time we had a first appointment, we found out we had miscarried. But this time, well, as you have seen, we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. We were so excited to be pregnant again with our second little blessing. In February, my sweet granny passed away. It was a sad time but also a joyful time. The woman laying in the nursing home bed just wasn't the woman that we grew up knowing. Granny was always up and at'em. The nursing home bed confined her. So, when she passed, although sad knowing we wouldn't see her here on earth anymore, I was happy and peaceful. I knew she was with grandpa up in heaven and her brother Bill. No more pain. How could I not be happy about that??

In 2011, I moved campuses, from Cedar Hill to Oak Cliff. Malachi started daycare. He had been at the same sitter since he was 8 months old. This was much harder on me than it was him. Nick got a new job within his old job. He still works for Life School but now he is the computer teacher for the Oak Cliff campus. My best friend has moved in with us for awhile. It's working out great. Malachi loves having her and Jada (her dog) around. Malachi turned 3. Can you believe it?? He is growing up so fast. Every day he learns something new. We are amazed at his ability to pick up on things so quickly. Lawson turned 4 months before we could even blink. In July, we had one of the most fun getaways with old college friends. We all met in Turner Falls, OK and spent the weekend in a huge cabin. One of the best times I've ever had. (And we're already planning our trip for 2012.)

Of all the wonderful and negative things that happened in 2011, one thing is for sure, my heart overflows with love for my family. I live in a house with the most amazing man and two of the most amazing little boys. It's almost like I don't even have the words to describe how much I love them and how much they mean to me. Of all the things I have been blessed with in this life, these three are the biggest gifts I have ever been given. I will never be a perfect wife and mother. I can try all I want, but it's just not gonna happen. I will fail. I will make mistakes. But my hearts desire for 2012 is to make these three know and understand that there will never be anyone or anything that I love more.

This is the end, 2011, to a new beginning, 2012. I'm looking forward to what this year may bring. For starters, I start my new job tomorrow. That's right, I'm going to be a stay at home mom for a while and do in-home child care. I will be keeping two sweet little girls. Crosby 7 months and Dilynn 6 weeks. I'm super excited!!

Here is a picture that we took this morning before church. January 1, 2012. Let's see how much we change over the year.

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