Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Month of September

We have finally made it to October! Not so keen on the weather (thankfully its still warm) but I do love decorating for fall. I HATE anything with a pumpkin taste. Weird? Non-American? Don't care. Yuck Yuck Yuck. I do however love the taste of caramel apples, the smell of smoke coming from a chimney, college football, bonfires and hayrides (although, they don't seem to do those here much)...... And I must add, I HATE cold weather. Hate hate hate

Anywayyy, the month of September has been none too exciting. Why? Because I spent more than my share of time sick in the bed. As if morning sickness wasn't enough, I caught that dang stomach bug and I'm pretty sure it had me knocking at deaths doors. Awful. It was absolutely awful. Even when I finally kicked it, I still had/have morning sickness. Mostly right in the middle of the day, sometimes at night...the point, I still have it!!! So over it. Thanks to my co-worker who gave me some zofran, those little pills work tremendously. I never took anything with the boys because the sickness didn't last that long and it was never this bad so I caved and I am so glad I did. Everyone keeps saying, "You know what that means? It's a girl." I really really want that to be true and believe them but I also no there is a 50/50 chance he's a boy. Which I will be ok with. After all, I know what I'm doing with boys and who doesn't want to be the most protected woman in the country? ;) Nick has been a pure saint during this sickness. He has not complained (to my face at least) about me laying around 24/7 and he has, as always, takes great care of the boys. I couldn't ask for a better husband.

Malachi loves talking about the baby. He gets real excited and tends to pat my stomach a little hard at times. lol I can't wait for him to feel the baby move. He's doing great in school and loving playing soccer. He loves all sports actually. Lawson is doing good at his "school." He loves his teacher which is a big help knowing I'm leaving him with someone else. I don't think he still quite understands I have a baby in my belly but I know he will be excited once he/she gets here. He's wanting to play sports now which makes his daddy happy. Only one of those is football.......ay yi yi.

We also had our Be the Church September 28th. It is absolutely one of my most favorite days of the year. I love helping someone in our community. And then going back to the church that evening for food, fellowship and worship....well, it doesn't get much better than that. There's just something I love about having worship service outside.
16 Weeks Today
Can't wait to find out what this little human is...........Come on October 22nd!!!

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