Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

It seems like forever since I last posted anything. It has been forever actually. We just now got our internet back. Thank goodness. October was a great month. We ended it by trick-or-treating in our neighborhood for the first time with the boys. Last year, Malachi was just not in to it so we just hung out with friends as their dad scared people. Might I say, I love watching him scare the older kids.!! Malachi seemed to enjoy himself until we got to the house at the end of the street. The lady giving out the candy had those "teeth" in and "blood" all over her. He wasn't to convinced that this was fun. (neither was I) Funny how when you grow up and have your own kids you get a new perspective of what's fun and what's not. I don't judge or dislike anyone for doing scary happenings on Halloween, I just don't want Malachi to encounter it right now. We will never do scary costumes, devils, witches, anything like that but if you want too, do it. It's alright with me. A lot of people don't do Halloween. There are many fall fests and trunk or treats which I love. I grew up trick or treating and we never viewed it as worshiping the devil or bad omens or anything like that. We did it for fun. I loved when my mom would take us trick or treating. It was something fun we did as a family. Well, my dad always stayed behind and handed out candy. Anyway, don't judge me for taking my kids trick or treating..that's all I'm saying. :) Here are a few pictures of my doctor and yo gabba gabba friend.
We are now into November, a month of Thanksgiving. There is so much that I am thankful for and I will be sharing some of those through out the month. I also really like to change my page to get the feel of the season. :) So yes, it will be changing to a Thanksgiving scene I'm sure.

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