Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Holidays Have Begun.......

Friday Nick had a half day at school and he is out this entire week. We are so thankful and happy that we have him with us ALL week long. Therefore.....the holidays have begun. Thanksgiving is Nick's favorite holiday. When I asked him why, this was his response. "First because there are a lot of football games and food. Second because there is a lot of hanging out with family time without the expectation of giving or receiving a gift." So true. Thanksgiving is just a time we can hang out and be thankful that we have each other.

Everyday on facebook (I try too everyday at least) I post a different reason that I am thankful. Besides Jesus (because I am always so very thankful for him), I am most thankful for my family. I've said it a million times before but I will say it again and again because I don't ever want there to be a doubt in their mind about the way I feel about them. I have the most amazing husband and sons. They fill my heart with such joy and happiness. One of my greatest fears is having to face life without them. I am thankful for the love we have for each other. I am thankful for the good times and even the bad times that we have. Lord knows we have our moments but in those times we pull closer to each other. I'm also thankful for both sides of our families. I believe we have the greatest families ever! In-Laws that I adore and parents I love dearly. We will be heading to Arkansas tomorrow after Nick's basketball game. I can't wait to see my family that I haven't seen in a couple of years. They haven't seen Malachi since he was 1 and it will be their first time to meet Lawson.

And of course before I go I must mention my lovely's a little bit more. Nick is doing an incredible job at school as the 7th and 8th grade computer teacher. His basketball team is of course doing great. So far they are 2-0. Last year he was 10-0 so we are hoping for a winning season again. ;) He's also one of the Varsity Assistant coaches. Needless to say, we are busy busy busy this time of year. With games on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays and then he has practice on Wednesdays and Thursdays until late, by the time the weekend gets here we are sooo ready to just do NOTHING. This vacation is much needed and we are so ready to spend time together.

Malachi is about to turn 3. I just can't believe. He is talking more and more in full sentences. Saying things that I just can't believe he's old enough to say. He's loving school and everyday he comes home singing some song that they have learned. I'm so proud of him and the little boy he is. My BIG boy I should say. :) For a while now, he has known his colors, counts to 20, shapes, ABCs, recognizes all of his letters and numbers, counts backwards. He's no exception but we think he's EXCEPTIONAL.

Lawson just turned three months on Friday. My my my....where has the time gone?? Lawson is such a little delight. He's smiling and laughing, cooing and gooing. He LOVES to talk and to be talked too. He's already putting his hands together. He follows noises and objects really well. He recognizes us as soon as we say something to him. Lawson LOVES when Malachi talks to him. He loves his big brother and big brother loves him. These two have my heart.

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