Sunday, October 2, 2011


Fall is finally here. I'm pretty much a summer kind of person. I.HATE.COLD.WEATHER. Hate it probably isn't even a strong enough phrase to describe it. However, the weather this summer was just unbearable most of the time, especially since I was pregnant. 110 degree weather is not my cup of tea. It completely ruins the summertime. I'm good with the weather being in the 80s. So with that said, I'm actually really looking forward to the fall.

I love fall, everything about it. I love the changing of the trees. I love the crisp in the air. (just enough for a light-weight long sleeve shirt) I love the smells of fall. I love going to pumpkin patches and getting a pumpkin. I do love this time for football. Curled up on the couch with my family while we are all curled up in a blanket. I love boots. (I need some new ones.) I love fall colors....oranges, deep yellows, browns. And in the late fall, the smell of smoke from someones house burning wood in the stove (or fireplace). Last, CARMEL.APPLES.ARE.IN.STORES. Those are just some of my favorite things about fall.

October is actually a pretty fun month. Two things: State fair and pumpkin patches. I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch and take pictures of my lil' pumpkins. We also get to pick a pumpkin at the patch and for some reason the kid in me comes out. (It's one of my favorite things.) This week I'm going to get Malachi and Lawson a pumpkin the can decorate. We will probably go to the state fair next weekend. As always, we will be hitting the dollar hotdog stand. :) Of course we will let Malachi ride a few rides. It's so expensive but I remember when I was little and my parents taking us to the fair and riding rides. It was such a fun memory that I still have and I want to make those memories with my kiddos.

What to be for Halloween??? They have a Veggie Tales costume at the Family Christian bookstore for Malachi so he may be Bob or Larry. Lawson..probably won't spend money on something he can't wear again unless it's like $5 or less. lol He'll probably just be in a pumpkin sleeper and may have a pumpkin hat. Who knows.

On another note, our good friend scored us tickets to last night playoff game...Rays vs. Rangers. It was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect!

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