Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our First College Reunion....A Trip to Remember

Last weekend, 16 adults and 7 kiddos (under the age of 3) headed to Turner Falls in Oklahoma for a good ole reunion. This was such an exciting weekend for us all. 1. We were taking a mini vacation before school starts back and well a mini vacay at anytime is great. 2. We were seeing some friends that we had seen in almost 3 years.

The great thing about this group of people is even though we don't see each other every day, every week, every month or even every year, we are still friends. Friends as if we did see each other every day. As we all said, that is a true friendship. Seeing someone you haven't seen in months or years and it's as if you just picked up right were you left off. To me, these are the best kind of friendships because I know our friendship is valued.

Another fun and interesting thing was having all of our kiddos under one roof. We rented a cabin that held all of us. 7 kids under 3 years of age can be challenging but it was soooo much fun. To go from friends, to husband and wives, to having kids, it really makes you look back and see the places you've been and where you've been brought too. These kids had so much fun running around the cabin, playing and swimming.

It was truly one of the greatest weekends. Even though we were missing some people, I hope they can make next year's trip. That's years trip is in the works. More people and more kiddos. It should be another trip to remember.

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