Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 Random Thoughts......

Things are moving right along with the Cowans. We are now 34 weeks. 6 weeks! I just can't believe it. This weeks dr.'s appointment was good. General checkup, heartbeat was good. We go back in two weeks and he will start checking my cervix. And then....we start going every week!!! It is just moving sooooo fast. We put the crib up last night and put the sheet on it. I'm still waiting for the blanket to arrive to see which one I am going to use. I needed something in that room besides a stack of diapers and clothes and goodies. I loved seeing all that but it just didn't make it feel like the nursery was in progress. :) Malachi helped with the bed. He said he was putting Lawson's bed together. Can't wait to have those two boys together.

Here lately, I've been noticing Malachi wanting to do things more and more like Nick. I mean, he's always copied him and repeated him but now he's really watching him and taking in everything Nick does. The other night when we were eating dinner, Malachi started eating his food. When Nick sat down to eat, Malachi would cut his eyes at Nick to see what he was eating and he would eat the same thing. And he would eat it until Nick took a bite of something else. When he's watching sports, he'll look at Nick to see Nick's reaction and then do his own. He wants Nick to play with him all the time. (don't worry Jessica, he still comes to you when he needs comforting or is tired) :) So all that to say, when I noticed this, I really started pondering it and realizing that, Malachi has a dad he can look up too. He has a dad that is there for him, encourages him, disciplines him, takes time to show him attention, etc. I started realizing how lucky my boys actually are. Not every little boy has that dad in their life. I'm extremely blessed that Nick is who is and is there for all of us. I can't wait for Lawson to be here and to be able to experience the headaches and gray hairs, I mean, the fun and excitement that these three will bring to my life. :)

In other news: This past Saturday was my baby shower hosted by my amazing friends. It was wonderfully simple. I didn't have a cute cake again....I wanted pie! So, they made banana/blueberry pie and coconut creme pie. Both were so stinkin' good. Along with some strawberry shortcake and candies and cookies......I loved it! I am so thankful and blessed to all my friends who came and showered Lawson with gifts. I am a lucky girl I must say. You would understand if you knew all these people.

This was on vacation this year in Florida.

A couple of pictures from my shower.

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