Monday, May 2, 2011

This was one scared momma!

Yesterday, was a pretty eventful day around the Cowan house to say the least. It truly is amazing how when you think your child is seriously hurt that everything within you just falls apart. I have NEVER been this scared as a mommy in my whole 2 years of being a mom. Ok, so Malachi is a climber these days. Saturday we found him on top of the changing table, on any given day, he will take his chair to the bathroom to play in the sink, you name it, he's climbing on it.

Yesterday, Nick and I are setting on the couch watching tv. I know Malachi is in our room because I just left there. (He was making noises in to the fan.) All of the sudden I hear this bang, as I turned my head to look in our room I see the chest of drawers falling. Pregnant women don't move that fast, but I promise you I could have beat all of you in a sprint. But it seemed as if I couldn't get there fast enough. I hear screaming and all I could do was scream over and over Nick, Nick, Nick....... When i got there, I.couldn' My heart was in a panic. I started to lift the drawers myself as Nick came rushing in and just threw it up and scooped up this scared screaming little boy. After he picked him up and I came back to earth, I finally realized that the drawers had caught itself on the bed (Thank God!!!) and all that could have possibly hit him or landed on him may have been a drawer that opened when it was falling. I searched him over, not even finding a scratch. He stopped crying and started asking, "What happend? What happened?" You were climbing, that's what happened. I've been scared before in my life, in dangerous situations, but nothing compares to thought of your child being hurt and you can't get to them fast enough.

Later that evening we went to get groceries. We are almost done and Malachi starts screaming. Not screaming like he wants his way but screaming like he is hurt. Someone, he had his leg twisted one way, his foot the other and it was stuck in the cart. His face is turning red, he's trying to move, we are trying to hold him still and that doggone leg won't budge. I'm thinking its gonna be broke by the time we get it untwisted. It came loose, he was fine. Then.....we get home, are starting to unload the groceries and I hear that crying hurt again. What else could possible happen today? Nick didn't see Malachi come up behind him so Nick is pulling the 24 pack of water out of the car and clocks the poor baby in the head and knocks him down. I mean really. I just wanted to leave the groceries in the car and go to bed.

That's about the jist of our first Sunday in May. Oh and btw....I've always thought to myself, if in a situation where it requires a strong person what would I do? I would do what needs to be done. Adrenaline really does kick in and it seems you can do anything. hhhmmmm Thank the Lord he was ok!!!


  1. 1. Jordan fell off a couch one day at the Chi Alpha house. I put him there, walked out of the room and then heard a loud thud. Awful feeling.

    2. I tossed Jordan into the air, forgetting I was standing under a moving ceiling fan...threw his head straight into the blades.

    3. Jordan was sitting on the counter, I turned my back for a split second..down he falls, splits his lip open and needed stitches.

    Lesson get hurt...sometimes it's our fault...sometimes it's just life.

    Lesson #2...we've done a much better job with Sydney. Poor Jordan got the responsibility of breaking us in as parents.

  2. bahahahahahahaha!!!!! I knew I should have became the permanent nanny. And I'm sure I could count many other things we have done to the poor child, but nothing like that has ever sceered me that bad.