Monday, May 16, 2011

Another First.....The Movies

Last weekend we were suppose to take Malachi to the movies but something came up and we were not able too. He would mention randomly that he wanted to go to the movies so I decided I was gonna make it happen this weekend. So, last night he and I went to the movies! It was so fun getting to experience it with him. He was really excited about the 'popcorun.' I love to hear him say it. We went and watched Rio. He did surprisingly well. He sat through the whole thing. Well, there was a point when he did discover that the movie was coming out of the wall and became fascinated with that for about 10 minutes. Then he returned to watching the movie. It's always a little stressful in these situations knowing that a 2 year old is probably going to "laugh" much louder and make more "noises" as opposed to an older child. And I thought, since this movie had been out awhile no one would be there. WRONG. There were only about 10 people there so it was good. It made me even more happy when he would really laugh at a part in the movie. LOVED IT! Karla met us their with her sister-in-law and nieces. It was a lot of fun. We have found a new outing!

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