Friday, March 25, 2011

Queen of the House!

That's right, I said it. I am now officially queen of the house. Wednesday we found out we are having another little boy, Nicholas Lawson Cowan. We plan on calling him Lawson. Due date: August 22. At first, I was a disappointed. I really did want a little girl. What? She was disappointed? She isn't happy? Of course I'm happy. But ANYONE who was wanting one and found out it was the other deep down inside, you feel that disappointed. And if you say you don't, well then yes, I think you are lying. Don't judge.

So moving on.....I am thrilled to be having another boy! Malachi is going to have a brother, a road dawg to hang out with and play with. I often find myself sitting and thinking about if they will be alike or if they will be different. Yesterday I started thinking, well what if one wants to play summer football and one wants to play t-ball. What will I do? I can't go to one and not the other. How will I divide myself? LOL I know, if that's all I have to worry about then I will be ok. ;) I'm now loving the thought of having boys surrounding me. The protection and the love........what a great feeling. And now, I have become QUEEN OF THE HOUSE! :)

Am I nervous about having two kids? A little. My biggest worry? Making them both feel equally loved and my attention divided. I know I will love them both the same but showing them that it just seems hard. I know it will be fine and all adjustments will be made. At least this time I don't have to be so panicked about that dagum circumcision. Geez. That stressed me out more than anything with Malachi. lol
Here is what Malachi has picked out so far for his baby bruder. I want to keep him as involved as possible and let him help make decisions. Well you know..................

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  1. Congratulations!! I'm sure he will be so adorable, although it is hard to imagine a little boy as cute as Malachi!