Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I can't breathe!!!

What in the world am I going to do this summer?? I'm 20 weeks right now and I already feel like I can't breathe. I can only imagine what this summer will be like. I guess I'll be lounging in the kiddy pool quite frequently. It's so interesting to me to see the differences between my two pregnancies. Malachi......felt fine at 5 months. This time...still gaggy, want to sleep ALL THE TIME, out of breath, etc. I can now see Lawson kick and moving. Sometimes though, just like his brother, he kicks and it does not feel good AT ALL. My favorite thing right now is at night, Malachi will kiss my belly and say good night baby Lawson. It's the sweetest thing EVER.

Malachi is growing like a weed. Obsessed with being outside. This year we are prepared with a breathing machine. Thank goodness!! Sunday we took him to the circus. He loved it. His favorite things were the elephants, motorcross bikes, and the human canonball. He is fascinated with motorcycles. His face was priceless. While they were doing their tricks, he would say Be careful. lol He's so funny. Speaking of funny....he's really in to laughing at himself right now. When he tells us something or when he does something silly, he will just laugh and shake his head. He tries to do it when he knows he's in trouble too. Potty training has been going great. He tells us when he has to go poop and pee. It's great. I knew at some point we would have the set back phase and well that happened this weekend. It was like he decided, nope, not using the potty today, really don't feel like going to all that trouble. All well, everyone has accidents. I'm so proud of him though. He really has been a big boy using his potty. any man I guess, when he goes poop, HE HAS TO HAVE THE FAN ON! Seriously???

Here are my boys both at 20 weeks.

Malachi at 20 weeks

Lawson at 20 weeks

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