Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2 and Another One Tomorrow....

Today marked day 2 of being out of school for a snow day...I mean ice day. There is no snow. Pure ice. And to top it off, we had rolling power outages today. Thankfully, we were not one of the ones who lost power but we had friends who did. It doesn't stay off to too long but long enough. Anytime without electricity in this 19 degree weather is too long. And guess what? NO SCHOOL AGAIN TOMORROW!!! These past two days I was sad that we didn't have school. I know, sad that there is no school??? Yes, because we have two built in days in April and if we don't have bad weather we get those days in April. But those are now long gone. As for tomorrow, I don't know where we will make this up. Then I started thinking that maybe it has all been a little blessing in disguise b/c Malachi has been sick so neither Nick nor myself had to use one of our days to stay home him. He doesn't have a fever but just coughing his lungs out and stopped up.

Another good thing about having these three days off is I go back to the dr. Monday. So this is helping the time pass by much faster. :) I'm ready for a check up and to hear the heartbeat. It always puts my mind at ease.

And did I mention that we are suppose to get more snow starting Thursday night, Friday morning. So who knows, we may be off Friday also. We have just been chillin' like villin's. It's entirely too cold to get out. And the streets are iced over so that wouldn't be smart anyway. Good thing we got groceries Sunday night. Be safe and stay warm!!!

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