Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random Sunday Thoughts

For the past two weeks Nick has been pretty sick. Of course, I can never get him to go to the dr. so who know's what kind of ailing disease he might have. jk He has been really sick though. Sick enough that he came home and layed down for two hours after work. Then for this last week, I have had some kind of nonsense. Coughing, coughing, and more coughing. I will cough a little during the day but then at hits. NON-STOP COUGHING. My stomach is so sore from coughing. I don't feel bad. There's nothing in my head or chest, just coughing. On the brighter side, Malachi hasn't seemed to be affected by any of it and that's the way I hope it stays.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. My kind of day. Windows open. Malachi can go outside. It was almost like spring. It's no secret that I DESPISE cold weather so yesterday was kinda like Christmas for me. I am so ready for spring and summer to be here. The warmth of the sun. The smell of fresh cut grass. Birds chirping. The feel of the nice cool pool. All the things I enjoy. Come this summer, I will be very very pregnant. So I may regret saying I am ready for summer when it actually gets here. But, even so, I would rather it be warm than cold.

This pregnancy is so different than with Malachi. With Malachi, I lost 7 lbs the first three months and only gained 13lbs the whole pregnancy. Why? Because I was!!! I couldn't eat anything. Didn't want to smell anything. And everything, came back up that I did eat. I was so sick everyday for 5 months. It was horrible, worth it, but horrible. With this pregnancy, nothing has made me sick, only a few things have really smelled bad, and I am hungry 24-7. I can't get enough to eat. I eat and in 5 minutes I'm ready to eat again. As much as I hate throwing up, being hungry and can't get full is almost just as bad as throwing up. And I'm only 11 weeks and you can see my bump. Gaining weight? Yes. All well. As long as the baby is healthy and I don't get so big that I can't fit through the door, I guess I'll deal with it.

In the midst of everything else, I started at a new campus last week. I moved from Life School Cedar Hill to Life School Oak Cliff. I miss my friends ever so much but I truly am much happier. The people I work with at OC are great too. I'm still the registrar and it's our busy time of year. So I pretty much stay busy all day. But that's better than just sitting and watching the clock tick, right?

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