Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Glimpse of our 2013

Some highlights of my 2013...........
Keeping some of the most awesome kids in my home......
 Taking my baby to daycare for the first time and watching my big boy start Pre-K
 Taking a mini-vacay with two of the most wonderful people/friends we could ask for. (Must do it again.)
 Celebrating 6 years with this man......He truly is my best friend.
 Connecting and becoming a part of an amazing church and group of believers 

We had an amazing 2013.  There were some hard times, sad times but more amazing times than anything. We lost my sweet grandpa this year but we know he is rejoicing in his heavenly home. This summer we were able to spend an entire month with our family in Florida. And, although it was probably a week too long, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. We were able visit with family we hadn't seen in almost 4 years. We met our niece Grace for the first time. We soaked up every bit of GiGi and Papa that we could and our niece and nephew (cousins). One of the best summer trips ever. Malachi did TOTs for the first time and loved it. Lawson started daycare which broke this momma's heart but he has loved it and it has been so good for him to be in a structured setting. Malachi turned 5 and is now ready to start kindergarten. I can't believe he will be going to "real" school. I started back to work in the outside world. I love my job and the people I work with. Nick has continued to do what he loves, coach basketball. We were able to be there on the day our friends adopted their daughter, Lucy. She is beautiful and a blessing and has the greatest parents. So many friends had babies and they are oh so precious. Our good friends moved to Colorado. Sad for us, new adventure and calling for them. We found a church home that we absolutely LOVE. 

All of these things are only a glimpse of what took place in our 2013 year. There is so much more to share and a lot more blessings to remember. I am thankful for what God did for us last year and how he opened our eyes to things we needed to see. I'm looking for a brand new year full of blessings and signs that our God is still alive. 

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