Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vacation is winding down......

We have been in Florida since June 10. It's hard to believe it has almost been a whole month since we flew out of Texas. We are enjoying spending time with our family. Uncle Nejay and Aunt Chrissy made it in last night so now we are complete. This weekend we have planned a trip to Gainesville. Most of Nick's family lives either there or in Tallahassee so we are meeting there to visit everyone. The last time we saw the whole fam was right before Malachi turned 1. So, needless to say, we have a lot of catching up to do and now everyone can meet Lawson.

Yesterday we finally made it to the beach, again. We had plans to go on Monday but it literally rained all day long. My FIL had to drain the pool twice just so it wouldn't run over. The red flag was out when we arrived and the waves were definitely crashing the shoreline. But even with all the weather we had a great time. There were some idiots of course still trying to swim out to the buoys making those poor lifeguards work double time.

I've been trying to put together some ideas for the boys birthdays. Sometimes I wish I would have never created "big" birthday parties for Malachi bc now I feel like I have to do the same for Lawson. lol On the flip side, I really like doing it. I love decorating and coming up with ideas. I usually stress myself out way more than I should, but in the end I'm happy with my accomplishments. It's never fancy with expensive decor, just a lot of homemade hosh posh. Malachi turns 5 this year and I am trying to come up with something special for his 5th birthday. So far, nothing comes to mind. And, I thought we could have a non-sports party and do something else like Green Eggs and Ham but he insists he wants a Texas Rangers party. Sigh. I guess I should be use to it by now but a mom can dream right? :)

Although I am loving spending all this time with our family, beach trips, pool access 24-7 and just having a great vacation, I think I'm ready to be back in my own bed. The boys have been on a crazy roller coaster ride with their eating habits and sleeping patterns. I dread getting them back to a school routine. We are going to start potty training Lawson when we get back. The fun thing about this? It will be all Nick during the day since I start work July 15. I know he will do great and Lawson is definitely showing signs he is ready.

We are definitely missing our friends and church. We can't wait to see you Texas family!!!!

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