Friday, March 29, 2013

That's My Husband!

Nearly every single blog I have written has something to do with the two boys. Malachi did this...Lawson did that....and rarely do I mention the man I call husband. And to my defense, isn't that what most blogs are about?  Your (Our) life with your (our) kids, their accomplishments, the funny things they do. When we mention our significant other it's usually because of a special occasion. It's either their birthday or an anniversary. So today, with no special occasion on our plate, I'm writing about my husband, my best friend.

I can remember way back when, when I would pray for the husband I wanted, the one thing I always added was: Lord, please let him like sports. I played basketball all my life and I loved it. So naturally, I wanted to share something like that with my husband. I thought of how we would watch sports together, play them in the yard with our kids, be the sports crazy parents, etc. Well, be careful what you pray for. My husband is a sport lovin' FREAK! He can tell you about players and games that happened in years that he shouldn't remember because he was so little. He doesn't care that he can't understand the announcers because they are speaking Spanish. He will still watch the soccer game. I got what I ask for, right?? :)  And the day I married that sport's fanatic was the BEST day ever!!! (If only pinterest would have existed then.)
He just finished his 6th year of coaching basketball. He coaches Jr. High girls. When he first started, he was coaching 7th and 8th grade girls. He would randomly come home and ask "Why do girls laugh at everything? Why do they cry so much?" I would just laugh and say that's what middle school girls do. It seems that he has found his love in coaching. Not gonna lie, this past year was one of the hardest on us because of basketball. It requires a lot of time away from home.  And as much as I dread the time he is away, I support him 100%. He loves it so I like it. And I will be there as much as I can to cheer him on.  
 There is absolutely no other job that he takes more pride in than being a dad to his two sons. He simply defines an incredible dad. When he found out Malachi was a boy, I'm not sure there could have been a light that shined brighter than his face. And then a second boy, he was on fire! He loves having two boys that he can rough house with, play sports with, watch sports with, etc. And yes, these two little ones are going to be crazy sports people just like their father. Our oldest already names players and their numbers, along with who they play for.....Half of which I have no clue what he's talking about. Nick is very patient as a dad. He is a great example to them. I could never say enough about how good of a dad he is. He's top notch in my book.
Most of you know Nick as a laid back, kinda quiet, doesn't get too excited about much kind of guy. If only you could see him at home. He's quite the character I tell ya. Ski goggles and gloves in the middle of summer just because. Snuggie on backwards- first he was pretending to be on Project Runway, then all of a sudden he turned in to a Jedi. I can't imagine laughing with anyone else the way I do with him. It makes life more fun when you can spend it with someone who likes to have fun. He constantly has me laughing. 

Family. Family is very important to Nicky. This is him and his younger brother just doing what they do. No seriousness when picture is being taking. He loves his family with his whole heart and I love that about him. He and his brothers have these inside jokes that ARE NOT funny. Well, they are not funny at least to the outside world but to them, they are hilarious.

My husband is an amazing man. He's such a hard worker. Even when the job isn't his, he does it. He's the guy you want in your corner. I love this man and this blog certainly doesn't do justice to all the wonderful things I think and know about him. But I wanted to make it publicly known how great I think he is and to let him know how much I love him!!! 

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