Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break 2013- Chills and Thrills

Spring Break is quickly coming to an end. Technically, I guess it already has since the weekend would have happened anyway. Our original plans were to send the boys to Arkansas to spend the week with my parents and we were going to stay here, paint our bedroom, do laundry, shampoo the carpet....the list goes on. But, after all was said and done we decided we would go as well and spend some time with the fam. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend a lot of time outside because it was so CHILLY! The temperature never got above 50. Boo. All well, we still had a good time spending the week together. My parents dog loves treeing squirrels, well anything really. He had this squirrel treed for 3 days, so we decided it was time to put an end to all the non-stop barking. That's right! Nick killed his first squirrel. It was quite entertaining especially for Buster (the dog). I may have been more excited than Nick was. :)  And of course, since Nick shot something, Malachi had to as well. My mom took him out and he shot a paper plate. He was so excited.

We came home Thursday night. We wanted to be in our own beds a few days before we had to go back to work. It's always sad leaving family, but it's so nice sleeping in my own bed. We had plans to go to the zoo Friday but I ended up having to take Lawson to the dr. Poor thing sounded like he had the flu and really hadn't slept in 4 nights. It ended up being a double ear infection, oddly enough. I guess I didn't realize you could have fever with just an ear infection. Since Lawson was acting fine we took the boys bowling Friday evening. Malachi had watched Tom and Jerry bowl and has wanted to go since then. He absolutely loved it. We probably should have put his name on the board twice so he could have a few more turns...patients were short. ;) 

Today, our sweet friends invited us to a crawfish boil. Neither Nick nor myself had ever tried crawfish. It was actually really good. Of course, Steve is just one of the best cooks ever. Crawfish, sausage, corn on the cob and potatoes, all accompanied by some delicious dessert. We had a great time visiting with wonderful friends and eating amazing food.

It was nice to just relax and not have any big plans to attend. The drive to Arkansas is always crappy but always worth it to see family. We also were able to go to one of my nephews pee wee basketball games. We've had a great break! Summer plans have been made for Florida. Now we just gotta knock these last 10 weeks of work out and summer break will be here!!!

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