Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wonderful Week

This week was wonderful!!! The sun was out and the weather was perfect. I actually got hot sitting in my office on Friday. I loved it!! Since the weather has been nice, we have been able to take Malachi to the park. He loves the park. Climbing, sliding, running, everything a kid wants to do. Waxahachie actually has a lot of nice little parks that we can go too. Nick took him to one Thursday evening while I was at work and today we took him to a different one. I love getting to spend that time with the two of them. Being outside, enjoying the nice air.
This morning we babysat my friends sweet 2 week old baby girl, Willow Bryn. I forgot what it was like to hold such a tiny little thing. Malachi loved her. All he wanted to do was hold her. Watching him with her really made me think about our new little addition and how our family is going to drastically change.....for the BETTER! It will no longer be Nick and Jessica and their little boy, but Nick and Jessica and their 2 kids. So weird to say but so exciting. I can't wait to find out if he will have a little brother or sister. I know he will be an awesome big brother. We were talking today about the first week we brought him home. I would eat supper, then Nick would eat. Then we would go to sleep about 8:00p.m. on the couch b/c we knew in 2 hours we would just be getting back up to feed the hungry little thing. It's so funny to sit and think about everything with Malachi and how we "plan" on things being a whole lot different with this one. We shall see. Or maybe we just need to look for and EXTRA KING SIZE BED.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Today marks the end of the 1st Trimester!!! Yahoo! It also was the day we got to hear that sweet little sound.....our baby's heartbeat.
Even though you see that little heartbeat in the first ultrasound, it's still such a huge relief when you can actually hear it. It was a strong 162 bpm. So fast!!! This had to be one of the longest appointments I've ever had. Why? Because this little one was trying to be funny. Today we were doing the ultrasound to determine any chromosome problems. Well, the sono tech tried and tried to get the baby in the correct position and she just couldn't do it. I layed on both of my sides, still nothing. I stood up, walked around, did toe touches and still nothing. The little booger still wouldn't give us a profile picture. He/she seemingly just kept looking at us, smiling, and waving. LOL Finally, I just went on to my appointment which was quick and fast. We then went back to the ultrasound room once again to see if she could get the picture. After about 15 minutes of moving and pushing we finally got the picture she needed. Then it was time for blood work. The normal lab lady (who is fabulous) wasn't there so the nurses were having to do all the work. After 4 pokes and rooting around in my arm, they finally got 4 things of blood. Nick said he was beginning to wonder if I was actually giving blood or having surgery. lol

With all that said and done, I would have let them poke me 10 times if that meant hearing that little heartbeat. We are always amazed at the ultrasounds and just how amazing they are. Baby Cowan #2 was very active today. Turning flips, waving, kicking. Let's just hope he/she cooperates a little better when it's time for the gender testing. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2 and Another One Tomorrow....

Today marked day 2 of being out of school for a snow day...I mean ice day. There is no snow. Pure ice. And to top it off, we had rolling power outages today. Thankfully, we were not one of the ones who lost power but we had friends who did. It doesn't stay off to too long but long enough. Anytime without electricity in this 19 degree weather is too long. And guess what? NO SCHOOL AGAIN TOMORROW!!! These past two days I was sad that we didn't have school. I know, sad that there is no school??? Yes, because we have two built in days in April and if we don't have bad weather we get those days in April. But those are now long gone. As for tomorrow, I don't know where we will make this up. Then I started thinking that maybe it has all been a little blessing in disguise b/c Malachi has been sick so neither Nick nor myself had to use one of our days to stay home him. He doesn't have a fever but just coughing his lungs out and stopped up.

Another good thing about having these three days off is I go back to the dr. Monday. So this is helping the time pass by much faster. :) I'm ready for a check up and to hear the heartbeat. It always puts my mind at ease.

And did I mention that we are suppose to get more snow starting Thursday night, Friday morning. So who knows, we may be off Friday also. We have just been chillin' like villin's. It's entirely too cold to get out. And the streets are iced over so that wouldn't be smart anyway. Good thing we got groceries Sunday night. Be safe and stay warm!!!