Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Days of Vacation

We came to Florida last Thursday, the 23rd, to visit family. It's always nice to see everyone especially since we don't get to see them that often. To our surprise, Uncle Nejay was able to fly in also so come this Thursday, everyone will be here. Aunt Chrissy is driving in Thursday evening. We saw our nephew Patrick for the first time. He is so precious. He seems so little but I know Malachi was once that little. Sunday was his dedication. Such a wonderful experience to share with family and friends.

We have been enjoying our time at the beach. Malachi was a bit skiddish at first but now we can't keep him out of the water. He's become a brave little boy, wanting to run out into the ocean all by himself. Our friend Tyler had a puddle jumper last year so we thought we would try one out this year. So far, two thumbs up. We only have just a few more days to enjoy it, and believe me, we are going to enjoy every minute of it. More to come after vacation is over!!!

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