Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with the Cowans

Last Thursday, Dec. 22, all of Nick's family joined us here in Texas for Christmas. We were thrilled to have them at our house for Christmas. Because they all live in Florida, we don't see each other as much as we all would like. So when we are together, it makes it that more special.

This was our nephew, Patrick, and Lawson's first Christmas. #3 for Malachi. ;) Needless to say, they didn't care too much about opening presents. They were just happy to be playing on the play mat or rolling around on the floor. Patrick is 6 months old and Lawson is 4 months. I think these two are going to be the best of cousins as they grow older. And....I have a feeling they may drive their older cousin/brother Malachi crazy at times. lol The three of them together are sure to wreck havoc in the years to come. Malachi is going to have his hands full with those two next year.

We didn't do anything special. It was nice to just be home and hang out. Sunday, we went to Christmas service at our church. Pastor Bryan delivered a great message as usual. Afterwards, we took a few family pics by the beautiful Christmas tree. As soon as I get a copy from my father-in-law I will upload it. We came home and my MIL and SIL cooked a wonderful Christmas meal. We ate and ate and ate. Malachi and his aunt Callie made Christmas cookies. He loved making them with her. Monday, Callie and I went shopping. Guess how much we spent?!?! $1.36. Yep. She bought a first year ornament for Patrick. The deals just were not as good as we had hoped, at least not to stand in those lines.

It was a wonderful visit and we enjoyed spending time together. Tuesday night, GiGi and Grandpa babysat while the moms and dads went to Benihanas. It was so nice to sit and chat with our brother and sister. We laughed and ate and laughed and ate.

A visit with the family can't come soon enough so hopefully it won't be too long before we get to see each other again.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas in Arkansas

This past week we spent Christmas in Arkansas with my family. My niece and nephew stayed with us which made it even better (and a little louder). :) We left Friday night after Nick's game so we didn't get to my parents until about 2:30am. And I wasn't even tired!

Saturday we (except for Nick and Lawson) spent all day Christmas shopping. It was quite the adventure. Santa Claus was in town also. I really wanted to get Malachi and my niece's picture taken with him but My niece on the other hand, was soooo excited. She said and I quote, "I've never got to see him up close, only on the fire engine at the parade" as she clasp her hands together with a big smile on her face. It was wonderful. I kinda want Malachi to believe in Santa but I won't push it. If he does he does, if he doesn't, I just hope he doesn't ruin it for anyone else. ;)

Sunday we had family pictures taken with a long time high school friend. She's an amazing photographer and I can't wait to get the CD. Malachi had only had a 20 minute nap so he was a big BEAR. I don't think we got one picture with him smiling. And did I mention how cold it was? So between no nap and the cold weather, he was a pretty unhappy camper. All well. They turned out fabulous anyway. I can't wait to blow them up and get them on my wall.

Monday we visited with my grandparents. I'm so thankful that we were able to spend another holiday with them. This was the first Christmas without Granny Brown which made it a little sad to be home but so thankful she is rejoicing in Heaven.

Yesterday, all of Nick's family arrived from Florida and Alabama and will be here until Tuesday. I'm so glad they were able to come for Christmas. This is the first time they have seen Lawson. The first time they saw Malachi was also at Christmas. Lawson is 4 months old and Malachi was 3 weeks old. Wait. What?? Did I just say Lawson was 4 months old?!!? Yes I did. I just can't believe how fast it is going by, again. He goes to the doctor next week for his 4 month check up. Not looking forward to the shots but curious to know how big he is. Anyway, I love having our famil

Ready to spend a wonderful Christmas with our wonderful family.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just Eat Your Dinner.....

Last night I made baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and broccoli. As Nick put it, this was basically a meal catered to Malachi. He likes Did he want to eat them? No. We are cracking down on him eating his dinner because lately whatever is made, he doesn't want to eat. I will never make him eat something he doesn't like. I'm not going to eat something I don't like so why would I make him? But...he likes all of those foods, so that's what he was going to eat.

Well, he didn't eat them. He took a bite of green beans and a couple of bites of mashed potatoes and he was whining he didn't want it. So I said fine but this is your supper for the night. I told him he wasn't getting a pop tart, a waffle, oatmeal (his favorites) or anything else. He could eat his dinner and then he could have something else. (Nick was also telling him this. It's easier when both parents are on the same page.)

So, in about an hour he came to me with a bag of chips. Should I just let him eat them? It's late and he hasn't eaten yet. I don't want him to go to bed hungry. Ugh. I wanted so bad to let him eat them but I didn't. I told him no that his dinner was on the table if he wanted to eat something. Well, he chose not too. It was time for bed and he still hadn't eaten.

As I laid there in my bed, I just kept thinking about how hungry he probably was and how I was hoping that his little tummy wasn't hurting. But I knew I couldn't let him choose to do what he wanted. It wasn't a choice. There was no you can either eat this or chips. No. It was this is what's for dinner (you like it all) so this is what you can eat. It was hard but I made it. lol I'm thinking he probably didn't starve.

What do you think? Would you have chosen to let him go ahead and eat something before bed since he hadn't eaten? Or, would you have stuck to your guns and let him choose to eat his dinner or not?

Parenting is a hard thing. To do or not to do? We are responsible for these little people and to know the best decisions is just hard sometimes.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Can He Really Be 3?

November 30, 2008......Yep, that's when our world turned right side up. We had our first baby boy!! And this week, we celebrated his 3rd birthday. Where does the time go?? After his party Saturday, I watched home videos of our lives with Malachi starting from my shower for him all the way through his third birthday. He was such a chunky baby. Loved it!! And now he's 3. Tall and Slim. Smart and funny. My sense of humor. His daddy's good looks.

All we've been hearing for months now is about his Veggie Tales party. So finally, the day came...he got to have his Veggie Tales party. That kid had so much fun. And was in a good mood considering he didn't have a nap. We were blessed by so many friends who came to help us celebrate. Some we don't get to see as often as we like but still, they came to make this day special for Malachi. Puppet Show??? What what???!!! Yeah, we had one!!! Nick and Steven did a great job. lol

It was an amazing day with amazing friends. Thank you Andrea for making the chili. Thank you Karissa for making the amazing cake and cupcakes. So good and so cute!! And thank you Karolyn for helping pick up.