Wednesday, June 15, 2016

5 Reasons I Love My Church

Before you stop reading because you think I think my church is better or because you are ready to begin listing all the reasons your church is better than mine let me be clear. I don't think my church is better. I could list way more than 5 things that I love about my church. A debate on whose church is better is not my intent.

However, my intent is to get you thinking. Why do you go to the church you do? What is it that keeps you coming back? Do you have a reason or is it just a place you go because you are "supposed" to go to church?

Here are 5 Reasons I Love My Church:

1. The Children's Ministry: It's the reason we stayed. The boys love it. With the exception of Jaxson who is getting the hang of things, the boys aren't screaming and crying and holding on to our legs because they don't want us to leave them. The children's staff have created an environment that the kids love to learn about Jesus.

2. The Love for Our Community: I am always so excited to hear about the way we are going to be involved in the community. Our church grounds are not closed to the public and you don't have to be a member to be there. Come enjoy the volleyball court, bbq grill, splash pad. We want you to feel like you belong.

3: Our Pastor: Real. Authentic. No sugar coating. I'm so thankful that we have a pastor who will preach what the Bible says without being afraid that he is going to hurt someone's feelings. He cares about those who walk through the church doors but he cares just as much for those outside the church doors.

4. I Can Pour Out What I'm being Fed: Church shouldn't just be a place that you go and get fed your spiritual feeding and then leave. Come back, get fed again, repeat. There is a time when you need to take what you are getting and pour it out somewhere else. There are a ton of volunteer opportunities that are presented to us. If you're not volunteering, it's your fault because there is something for everyone. What's that old saying, God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

5. It's Comfortable: Hold on. The message might make you uncomfortable. Remember what I said, our pastor is real, authentic and there's no sugar coating. But the church itself, it makes it comfortable. Come hang out at the coffee bar. Wear shorts if you want too. Drink your coffee while you worship. Music too loud, we have ear plugs. Don't know where something is, we have the greatest VIP team to help you out. Worship plug: We have the BEST worship team ready to lead you.

I know as some of you read this, you probably read it with a little bit of eye rolling. You're thinking, coffee bar, loud music, splash pad, lights.... of course they attract people. You are exactly right. We want people that would normally not walk through church doors because they feel uncomfortable to walk through ours and feel like they belong. We want the person who went to the party last night.  We want the drug attic who has hit rock bottom. (Celebrate Recovery- Monday nights at 7pm) We want the person who is simply lost and needs someone to notice them. So yeah, maybe we do have some extravagant things on our campus but we do extravagant things because God has given us some extravagant staff and some extravagant volunteers to do some extravagant work for him.

So why do you go to your church? Do you walk away each service feeling refreshed and renewed? Better yet, do you walk away with the desire to serve and pour out what you've been given?

SN: This blog is strictly my own thoughts and my own opinions.