Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Our Babysitter

She greets him with a smile. 
She hugs him like her own. 
She kisses the top of his head the way I do at home. 
She holds him when he's crying. 
She wipes away his tears. 
She rocks him until he's fast asleep and whispers in his ears. 
She plays with him until he laughs, you know that belly laugh he gets. 
She tickles him from head to toe, he doesn't mind one bit. 
Sometimes she sees his firsts, before I ever do. 
A gift to me she certainly is, to love him like I do. 
My hearts at peace to have someone to show so much love and care. 
One things for sure I have no doubt, she's a wonderful answer to prayer. 

Everyone knows one of the hardest things for me and ever has been, is to leave my babies with someone else. I cried and I prayed for months for who I would leave my sweet baby boy with. God truly blessed our family with Mrs. Britt. She is exactly what I needed. I am so so thankful for her and so thankful that he is with her when I can't be.

WE LOVE YOU MRS. BRITT!!!! (and the other 4 sitters too) :)

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