Wednesday, June 19, 2013

God Is On Vacation

We are having an amazing time here with our family in Florida. We even have friends here that we were able to do a mini vacay with. This is definitely the longest vacation we have ever taken. One thing that I have noticed since we've been here, God is on vacation. He's on our vacation. He is blessing us and showing us his goodness. You never really know when God is going to show you something or how he will speak to you, but when you open your heart and listen, he's right there, even on vacation.

We were so lucky to be able to attend the last service Pastor Gray preached at Lift Church. They have been the senior pastors here for 18 years, children's pastors before that. Their total time has been 26 years!!! What a legacy and foundation of God's Kingdom they are leaving behind as they begin their next journey that God has in store for them. They have been called to Ohio to show God's love to the people of Youngstown. What an amazing thought....... God can/will call you out of a place if he sees fit no matter how long you have been there no matter how much time you have invested. After all, we are working for him right?

I actually feel like I've had a few questions answered that I have been pondering on and praying about. An unexpected door has been opened and I certainly wasn't expecting that. All because two people listened to God and are on their way to Ohio. One thing that I remember so well that Pastor Gray said was, Be prayerful, be available, be flexible, and hopeful. I'm sure that this was a word for the congregation to get ready for the transition but it also spoke to me in a different way and I was able to apply it to my current situation.  I recently took a certification test to teach and I failed. Yep, missed it by 12 points. Boo. All well, nothing I can do but try again. I failed the test but I'll only be a failure if I don't try again. And I plan on doing just that, trying again. I will pass that test. Maybe I failed it because well, I simply didn't know the material. Or maybe God needed to see how much I trusted in him. Maybe he wanted to see just how prayerful, available, flexible and hopeful I really am. He opened a door that basically was off the market and I took it. The job I'm looking for? No. The job I want to do forever? No. But I made myself available, flexible, and was hopeful that something would come along until I pass my test. And it did. I will be the administrative assistant for the 5th/6th grade at Life School Cedar Hill. It's a job and I will be working with some wonderful people.

A couple of other things that stood out to me this Sunday that Pastor Gray said: Sometimes the miracle is getting you out of the problem. Sometimes the miracle is getting you through the problem. So true, so true.

And last but not least: Thank God for what he has done. And thank God that he is not done. I've seen the works of God time and time again. But I am so thankful that he is not done showing us his goodness and mercy.

I also mentioned having some questions answered so stay tuned............. you won't want to miss it.