Thursday, May 30, 2013

Connecting with Women in the Church

Until recently, I had never really experienced the true friendship of women in the church. At the last church we attended and miss dearly, I had wonderful friends. Friends that still today i know I could have lunch with, call on for prayer, etc. But because we lived so far away and could never really be involved in anything, it was hard to develop a deeper relationship with them other than being able to see each other on Sundays. It was the one thing I hated the most. I wanted that deep connection and to be able to hang out but the distance just didn't allow for it. 

In September, we made the hard decision to attend church closer to home so we could be more involved and get the boys involved. I am so happy that we have found a church home at The Avenue! The thing that caught our attention the most about this church was the children's program. It is simply amazing. Malachi absolutely can't wait to get there on Sunday mornings. He LOVES it. He has learned so many bible verses and is retaining them. lol Lawson is enjoying it more now that the separation phase is coming to a halt. I honestly can't say enough great things about Little Avenue. 

Along with the amazing kids program and amazing church, we were able to hook up with an amazing Life Group. The thing I enjoy most about it, the women in it. Some of them I was already friends with and now I have made new friends. They are all wonderful women. I love the times when we get to hang out. One of my most favorite things: the No Drama!! This group is truly what I have been looking for. A group of women desiring to follow God with all their heart, have fun, laugh and eat, hang out, and just love life. 

Another wonderful way I was able meet some awesome women was by joining the boot camp at our church. 2 things: I've lost weight and I've made some wonderful friends. I have had more fun than I thought I could working out and sweating my booty off. What's made it so great? The women in the group with me. It's actually nice to end the day sweating and killing myself when I'm doing it with people I truly enjoy. 

I didn't realize how important this was and what a big part in my life this would play. I am so tired of dealing with drama that amounts to nothing and I swear, somehow someway it always creeps back in to my life from people who don't know the meaning of growing up. This is not a plug to say that friends outside of the church are not important and that we should get rid of any friends that we go to church with. But I am saying there is something wonderful about making connections within your church and carrying those friendships outside of the walls of the church. There is nothing I enjoy more than hanging out on a Saturday night, laughing and having a good time, and then standing beside those same women on Sunday mornings worshiping God. There's a sweet relief in it. I am so thankful for these women that I have met and am able to share life with. I encourage you as a woman, if your not connected with women in your church, do it!